Acupressure for Your Animals — Health and Soundness Naturally

Keeping Your Horse or Dog Balanced is Key to

  • Soundness so you can enjoy your favorite activities with your horse or dog
  • Physical Health to avoid high vet bills
  • Mental Acuity for better training
  • Emotional Health & Happiness

Using the philosophy of 5,000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM can keep your horse or pet in a state of balanced, natural health. Acupressure is an integral part of TCM and works to create balance throughout the body.

When the body is balanced, the highest state of health is achieved. In this state, the body can recover quickly and completely after exercise or competition – so your animal stays sound and builds stamina.

Regular acupressure sessions can help your horse or dog avoid losing the highest state of vitality, so

  • The Immune System stays strong to fight off contagious disease
  • Muscles stay strong and supple for fluid movement
  • Joints move smoothly for soundness
  • Emotions are balanced to avoid anxiety and destructive behavior

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